Cosmetic Dental Specialist & Prosthodontist

Dr. Gaurav Tyagi


Full Mouth Remodeling
Dr. Gaurav Tyagi is a specialist at combining Implants, Crowns, Veneers, Luminescence Aligners, and Bleaching to recover the natural beauty of your smile
Smile Makeover
Utilizing minimally invasive techniques for a Healthy and long lasting perfect smile
Smile Maintenance
Our hygienist will help maintain the health of your Smile with the “POWER OF OXIGEN

How Dr. Abrego can give you the smile of Your Dreams

How Dr. Tyagi can give you the smile of Your Dreams

Digital smile design
Try-in Temporaries
Final Delivery

Conserving Tooth Structure
Preserving your Health

Minimally Invasive Tooth Preparation
Advanced adhesive bonding of the esthetic veener

Conserving Tooth Structure
Preserving your Health

Did you know traditional dental crowns reduce 70% of your natural tooth structure away? Dr. Tyagi firmily believes in conserving as much tooth structure as possible by possible by practicing minimally invasive and conservative dentistry.
Minimally Invasive and Conservative
Maintain Natural Integrity of Tooth Structure
Highly Aesthetic Results

What kind of Dentistry do you want?

Here is the traditional crown preparation you will receive at a typical dental office. Roughly 70% of the natural tooth structure is shaved away to create “mechanical retention” for the crown that will fit over it. In the past dentists had no choice but to sacrifice this tooth structure in order to have a well seated crown that can be locked in place. The downside of this technique is that if and when the crown fails usually there is very little remaining tooth structure left to do another crown and ultimately this can result in an extraction. Excessive tooth structure removal for crowns can also potentially lead to early cracking of teeth and increased sensitivity.
Here is an example of one of Dr. Abrego's minimally invasive preparations. As you can see, the majority of the tooth structure is retained and only what is absolutely needed is removed. Instead of relying on a one size fits all mechanical retentive approach for the veener or crown, Dr. Abrego utilizes advanced bonding agents that "glue" the crown or veener on the tooth. In this way Dr. Abrego can conserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

Zero Bone Loss Implants

Engineered to create an ultimate seal and ideal connection
Triangular shaped neck was designed to provide and maintain bone stability over time

Zero Bone Loss Implants

We guarantee our dental implants for life  by using a special implant engineered with a patented triangular neck that has shown to maintain bone stability over time. The key reason implants fail is bone loss and by using the latest in implant technologies we confidently stand by all our dental implants with a lifetime guarantee. Moreover, as a specialist Dr. Tyagi is a true expert on the most challenging aesthetic cases working meticulously to ensure you get the most natural looking result.

A True expert at Making Implants Look just like your Natural teeth

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Solving even the most Hopeless of Cases

Many dentists might elect to extract the tooth below. Come get a second opinion with Dr. Abrego, a highly skilled specialist who is committed to restoring your teeth in the most natrual and functional way possible. Take a look at some more cases in our gallery.
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Maintain your Beautiful Smile with The Power of Oxygen

Maintain your Beautiful Smile with The Power of Oxygen

Our oral products are unique due to the high release of active oxygen. The oxygen fights harmful bacteria while preserving good bacteria, rapidly improves healing from surgery by nourishing blood supply with high concentration of bio-active oxygen, and improves periodontal (gum) health. Apart from being clinically effective, it is also completely natural with no known side effects.
Advantages of Ozone
Fast and effective
High concentration of active oxygen
Speeds up the healing process of bleeding gums
Reduces disease pockets around teeth and implants
Speeds up the healing of Implant sites and extractions
Controls harmful bacteria preventing infection after surgeries
Improves wound healing
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