Sedation Dentist – Dallas, TX

Essential Dental Care in a Calm Environment

At Luminescence Dentistry, we’ve designed our entire dental practice with your comfort in mind. Our scenic location is right off McKinney Ave and looks over the Katy Trail. Plus, our friendly team goes the extra mile to create a homey and inviting atmosphere. Of course, if you need a little extra help staying calm during your treatment, then you’ll be happy to know that we also offer sedation dentistry in Dallas. That way, you can get the essential dental care you need in the stress-free environment you deserve.

Why Choose Luminescence Dentistry for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Located in the Heart of Highland Park
  • Friendly, Non-Judgmental Dental Team
  • Led by a Certified Dental Specialist

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Button labeled nitrous oxide next to button labeled oxygen on nitrous oxide sedation dentistry machine

Nitrous oxide (which you may know as “laughing gas”) is a mild dental sedative. Once we place the nose piece and you begin breathing in the odorless gas, you will begin to feel a wave of relaxation. Many patients even report a sense of euphoria or lightness. After your treatment, we will switch off the nitrous, and the effects should begin to dissipate almost instantly.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Senior man holding a white pill and a glass of water

Ideal for patients with more severe dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation requires you to take a pill before your treatment. Once the effects begin to set in, you will enter a deep state of relaxation. So much so that you may even fall asleep in the treatment chair! It’s also not uncommon for patients to have no memory of their appointment afterward, which can help create a more positive association with dental care. You will be a bit groggy as the effects dissipate, so you will need a trusted adult to drive you to and from our dental office.

IV Sedation

Close up of I V drip

This is the strongest form of sedation dentistry we offer, in which medication is administered directly into the bloodstream via the hand or arm. The patient will immediately feel deeply relaxed, and we can adjust their sedation level as needed to optimize their comfort. We tend to recommend IV sedation for patients with extreme dental anxiety, those who need a complex treatment, or who want to complete multiple procedures in a single appointment to save time.