Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth? Get Your Confident Smile Back at Luminescence Dentistry

Every year, millions of Americans experience tooth loss. In order to restore aesthetics and function, they need a tooth replacement solution. Dr. Gaurav Tyagi and the team at Luminescence Dentistry in Dallas can help. We offer several options to replace your missing teeth- whether you are missing one or missing all of them.

Common Reasons for Tooth Loss

Humans have two sets of teeth. The first set is the primary teeth, often called baby teeth or milk teeth. These begin to erupt around 6 months of age and typically begin to fallout around the age of 6. By the age of 13, most patients have lost all of their baby teeth, and the permanent teeth have erupted. Baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth.
The permanent teeth are the second set of teeth. This set is meant to last a lifetime- but there are several reasons why patients lose them. The most common reasons for tooth loss include:


For some patients, missing teeth/tooth loss is genetic- due to a malformation of the upper and lower jawbone. This is known as tooth agenesis and occurs with certain conditions such as cleft lip/palate and Down Syndrome. There are three kinds of congenitally missing teeth:
●     Hypodontia: 1 to 5 permanent teeth never erupt
●     Oligodontia: 6+ permanent teeth never erupt
●     Anodontia: permanent teeth are completely absent

Poor Oral Care

Some patients are missing teeth due to poor oral care. You only have one set of permanent teeth, so it’s important to make sure that you are brushing twice daily, flossing at least once, and visiting the dentist for an exam and cleaning every 6 months. By doing this, we can detect issues early and treat them before they progress too far and cause tooth loss.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is another common reason for missing teeth. Gum disease causes pockets, or spaces, between gums and teeth. Eventually, the gums begin to recede, and the teeth and jawbone begin to decay- leading to tooth loss.
Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease and is typically reversible with proper oral hygiene and dental care. If left untreated, this condition progresses to periodontitis. At this point, plaque buildup has moved below the gum line, requiring extensive treatment.


Finally, trauma due to car accidents, sports injuries, and other accidents can cause tooth loss in adults. If you lose an entire tooth due to trauma, it is critical that you seek emergency dental treatment. Try to recover the tooth and get to the clinic within30 minutes for the best chance of saving the tooth.
If you are missing one or more teeth, the team at Luminescence Dentistry can help. We offer a variety of options, whether you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth in one or both arches. We will determine the most appropriate solution during your consultation, taking into account the following:
●     Oral and overall health
●     How many teeth need to be replaced
●     Your preferences
●     Your budget

Partial Missing Teeth Replacement Options

For patients who are missing one or more, but not all, of their teeth, we offer partial tooth replacement options. These include:
●     Single dental implant
●     Implant bridge
●     Partial dentures
During your consultation, Dr. Tyagi will evaluate your condition and discuss your needs and goals to determine the best solution for you.

Single Implant

A single dental implant is the best option for a single missing tooth. It is also the most popular. In fact, more than 500,000 people get dental implants every year. When compared to other options, dental implants look, feel, and function the most like natural teeth.
Dental implants are also versatile. They can be used to replace a single tooth, or they can be used to support other tooth replacement options, such as partial or full dentures or dental bridges.
Dental implants have a 95% success rate. As long as patients practice proper oral hygiene habits and visit the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and exam, they should last a lifetime.
However, it is important to note that this tooth replacement solution takes at least several months. For some patients, it may take a year or more. The first step is to take care of any extractions or bone grafting. Then, we can move forward with inserting the implant into the jawbone. After that, you will be given time to heal and for osseointegration to take place- which is the process where the jawbone fuses with the implant.
Once osseointegration has taken place, we will attach the abutment. This is the piece that connects the implant to the crown. The final step- attaching the permanent crown- will take place a few weeks later.

Implant Bridge

An implant bridge is used to replace several missing teeth in a row. This tooth replacement solution involves placing dental implants at each side of the gap for the dental bridge to be attached to.
Traditional bridges rely on the natural teeth on either side of the gap to support the bridge, which means those teeth are compromised. If the crowns are not properly installed on these teeth, bacteria can get in and cause tooth decay.
While more expensive than a traditional bridge due to the implants, it is much more budget-friendly than replacing several missing teeth with single implants. However, it is just as effective as dental implants and is more natural looking than other options

Partial Dentures

Finally, for patients who are missing too many teeth for a dental bridge, we offer partial dentures. You can choose removable partials, which must be removed at night for cleaning and to allow your gums to rest. Removable partials can be used with or without dental implants. In the case of implant-retained partials, the denture is held in place but still must be removed at night.
If you prefer a more permanent solution, we offer implant-supported partials. These are permanently attached to dental implants in the jaw. You would care for these just like you do your natural teeth. The denture can only be removed by the dentist during your cleaning and exam.

Full Teeth Replacement Options

Research shows that 26% of adults over the age of 65 have lost all of their teeth on one or both arches. However, at Luminescence Dentistry, we do offer full tooth replacement options, including:
●     Dentures
●     All-on-4 dental implants
●     All-on-6 dental implants
When you come in for your consultation visit, Dr. Tyagi and the team will evaluate your condition, as well as discuss your needs and goals for treatment, and explain your options.


We offer several denture options at Luminescence Dentistry. Traditional removable dentures are the most budget-friendly. However, dentures tend to slip and slide around in the mouth, making it difficult to speak, chew, and laugh. Many patients will start with traditional dentures and upgrade to a more permanent solution later on.
Another option is snap-on dentures. This tooth replacement solution involves the placement of at least 2 dental implants to secure the denture in place. This allows patients to laugh, eat, and talk without worrying about their denture falling out or getting in the way.
You can choose from permanent or removable implant dentures. In the case of permanent implant dentures, only the dentist will be able to remove them during your exam and cleaning. Removable implant dentures must be removed at night for cleaning and to allow your gums to rest.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants restore the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth. This solution requires the placement of 4 dental implants. Two are placed in the front of the jaw and two in the back. The two in the front are straight, while the two in the back are placed at a 45° angle. This gives the denture more stability and strength.

All-on-6 Dental Implants

We also offer All-on-6dental implants, which is the same as All-on-4 with the addition of two extra implants. The implants are equally spread along the jawbone. Once the denture is in place, it is permanent and should be cared for like your natural teeth. The dentist will be able to remove it during your exam and cleaning.

Financing and Insurance

Tooth replacement not only restores aesthetics but also the functionality. Therefore, most dental insurance plans will cover a portion of treatment. Our friendly office staff will work with your provider to determine your coverage.
We believe that every one deserves to have a beautiful smile, so we do not want finances to stand in your way. We offer financing options to help you pay for your treatment.

Popular Tooth Replacement FAQs

We understand that you have questions when it comes to dental treatments. Below are some of the most common questions we hear when it comes to tooth loss and tooth replacement:

What are the most common causes of tooth loss?

The most common causes of tooth loss include genetics, poor oral hygiene habits, gum disease, and trauma.

What are my options for tooth replacement?

We offer several options for tooth replacement, including:
●     Single dental implant
●     Implant bridge
●     Partial dentures
●     Full/complete dentures (removable and permanent)
●     All-on-4/All-on-6 dental implants

Why should I replace missing teeth?

Many patients wonder why they should bother replacing their missing teeth. However, tooth loss should not be ignored. It is important to replace missing teeth for several reasons.
First of all, when you’re missing one or more teeth, your smile isn’t as appealing as it once was. In addition, your speech may be impacted. Additionally, missing teeth can cause problems with chewing, stress/damage to remaining teeth, and increase your risk of infection and decay.


If you are among them any Americans who are missing one or more teeth, we encourage you to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tyagi and the team at Luminescence Dentistry in Dallas today. We can help you understand what is causing your tooth loss, as well as your options for tooth replacement. We look forward to working with you!