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Luminescence Dentistry: Top-rated dentistry in Dallas, TX

Luminescence Dentistry is a top-rated cosmetic dental specialist and prosthodontist in Dallas, Texas. We offer a variety of dental services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and more for patients of all ages. Our goal is to improve your oral and overall health and well-being.

About Us

Luminescence Dentistry is located at 5015 Tracy Street, Suite #101 in Dallas, TX. Our hours are Monday through Wednesday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Thursday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We are closed Friday through Sunday.

Maintain Your Beautiful Smile With Us

Luminescence Dentistry in Dallas offers a variety of dental services to help you maintain your beautiful smile. We achieve this through:
●     Smile maintenance services, including cleanings and exams
●     Cosmetic dentistry services, including smile makeover to improve your aesthetic smile
●     Full mouth restoration services to restore both aesthetics and functionality of your teeth Schedule a consultation with our friendly, highly trained dental team today to find out how we can help you maintain your smile for life.

Our Services

At Luminescence Dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services to address the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth.


Veneers are thin shells typically used on the top 8 front teeth to address common dental issues including:
●     Cracks/chips
●     Discoloration
●     Minor gaps or misalignments


Crowns are used to protect and restore teeth when damage is too extensive for a filling or as a prosthetic tooth with dental implants.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is used to address stains and discolorations in teeth. Most patients seek teeth whitening when they are preparing for a special event such as a wedding, graduation, job interview, and more. We offer personalized in-office treatments as well as take-home kits. The results of professional teeth whitening are much better and longer-lasting than OTC kits.

Full Mouth Restoration

A full mouth restoration involves using one or more procedures to restore the aesthetics and functionality of a patient’s smile. Since many of the procedures address functionality, most dental plans will cover at least a portion of treatment.

Smile Makeover

A smile make over primarily addresses a patient’s aesthetic concerns. Since these procedures are primarily cosmetic, they are typically considered elective and therefore not covered by insurance.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used for patients who are missing one or more teeth. This tooth restoration looks, feels, and functions more like natural teeth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or can be used as a supporting structure for other restorations such as dental bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures.

Denture Stabilization/Implant-Retained Dentures

Traditional dentures area budget-friendly way for patients to replace their teeth- but they often slip and slide around in the mouth. Implant-retained dentures rely on dental implants to secure them in place. Dentures may be permanently fixed in place or may be removable.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants involve the use of 4 dental implants in the jaw to support a full arch of missing teeth. Two implants are placed in the front and two in the back, which is generally enough to support a full arch. However, for patients with a weak jawbone structure or a larger jaw, we offer All-on-6 dental implants.

Smile Maintenance/Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene determines your oral health, which impacts your overall health. We strive to help patients with smile maintenance and good oral hygiene.

Tooth Extraction

While we will do everything we can to salvage your natural teeth, sometimes the tooth is too damaged/decayed and must be extracted. We offer both simple and surgical extractions. Simple extractions involve simply pulling the affected tooth, while surgical extractions are more invasive.

Meet Our Team

The team at Luminescence Dentistry strives to make sure that every patient feels like family. We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter the clinic because we believe that the more comfortable you are, the less anxiety you will experience.
1. Gaurav Tyagi
Dr. Gaurav Tyagi attended the University of California San Francisco and graduated in 2012 with his dental degree. After that, he went into private practice for 7 years. Then, he completed a 3-year residency at Rutgers in prosthodontics, making him an expert in dental implants, smile makeovers, and full mouth restoration.

Financing Options and Insurance Acceptance

Luminescence Dentistry accepts a variety of dental insurance plans. When you come to the office for your consultation, our office staff will contact your provider to determine coverage. We accept a variety of payment options including cash, check, or credit/debit cards. If you are unable to afford your dental treatment, we do offer financing options for patients who qualify. We believe that your finances should not get in the way of your oral and overall health, so we will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits within your budget.

Before and After

During your consultation, we will create a model of the current condition of your mouth so that we can compare it to the condition of your mouth after treatment. We will create a 3D projection of what you can expect from treatment so that we can ensure that your treatment plan will help you meet your needs and goals.

Testimonials Reviews

We have worked with a lot of patients over the years. We strive to make sure that you are happy with our care and invite you to leave reviews on our website and social media pages.

Why Choose Us?      

We believe that you should choose Luminescence Dentistry for your dental needs because we can address everything. Plus, we want to be more than just your dentist. We want to be your partner in your oral health.
We offer a variety of services to promote good oral health, as well as address cosmetic and functional issues with your smile.


We understand that when you are choosing a dentist, you have questions. Some of the most common questions we are asked include:

What makes the dentist an expert?

Dr. Tyagi received his dental degree in 2012 from the University of California in San Francisco. He then worked in private practice for 7 years before pursuing a residency in prosthodontics at Rutgers. This makes him an expert in general dentistry as well as dental implants, smile makeovers, and full mouth rehabilitation.

Do you accept insurance or offer financing?

Yes, we accept a variety of insurance plans. Give your information to our office staff and we will work with you to determine your coverage. If you do not have coverage or your coverage is insufficient, we do offer financing options. If necessary, we can work with you to create a budget-friendly treatment plan.

What services do you provide?

We offer a variety of dental services, including preventive, cosmetic, and restorative treatments. We will work with you to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you offer sedation dentistry?

Research shows that 36% of the populationhas some level of dental anxiety, which causes some patients to avoid going tothe dentist. This may be due to past experiences or fears of what might happen.However, at Luminescence Dentistry, we offer several sedation options, whichwill be discussed during your initial consultation.